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Güglingen (Germany)

Güglingen has around 6,500 inhabitants together with Eibensbach and Frauenzimmern. It belongs to the district of Heilbronn and is located approx. 50 km north of the Baden-Württemberg state capital Stuttgart. Güglingen is located in the Zabergäu in a valley between the Stromberg and the Heuchelberg and its landscape is primarily characterized by the vineyards, but also by fields and forests. In the industrial sector, some well-known world market leaders have settled in Güglingen.

Historically, excavations indicate that there were already settlements in and around Güglingen in the Neolithic, but also in the time of the Celts. Roman excavations are particularly noteworthy, there was found  a mithraium, but also bathing facilities and Roman long houses.
These can still be examined today. Romans also brought viticulture to the region. Today the "Winemakers Cleebronn-Güglingen" is one of the best winegrowing cooperatives in Germany.

On a stroll through downtown Güglingen you will encounter "art at every turn". In the Deutschhof, for example, you can marvel at a successful combination of old buildings with modern architecture. Everywhere you come across sculptures, works of art and interesting details. Also of interest is the palm cloth in the Mauritius Church, on which 40 well-known artists have immortalized themselves with paintings. In the district of Eibensbach you can admire the ruins of Blankenhorn castle, which goes back to the Staufer era, and there was once a nunnery in Frauenzimmern.

Güglingen is part of the Heilbronn-Franken tourist region as well as the Stromberg-Heuchelberg nature park. Thanks to numerous cycling and hiking trails, Güglingen and the surrounding area either can be explored on foot or by bike.
A visit to the Roman Museum in Güglingen is definitely worth it. Cultural events often take place in the great hall of the Herzogskelter, on the Deutschhof or in the Ratshöfle in the town hall, and visitors from near and far come to the annual May Festival on the Whitsun holidays.
Beautiful excursion destinations in the vicinity include the medieval town of Bad Wimpfen, Ludwigsburg with its imposing castle and the "Blooming Baroque" gardens or the impressive monastery in Maulbronn, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-05 um 19.21.36.png
Güglingen Zehntscheuer
Güglingen Deutschhof
Güglingen Persil-Skulptur
Güglingen Weinbrunnen
Güglingen Mauritiuskirche
Güglingen Stromberg mit Fernsehturm
Güglingen Mithräum Wandbild
Güglingen Palmtuch
Güglingen Blankenhorn
Gueglingen Sphinx
Güglingen Rathaus
Güglingen Frauenzimmern Erkerhaus

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