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May we introduce: "Partner in Europa Güglingen e. V." 

The purpose of our association is to promote and deepen the friendly relations with the partner communities of the town Güglingen and the partnership encounters with residents and organizations of these communities as well as to support friendship with other foreign communities and associations. We currently have around 80 members.

We strive to visit our twin towns at least once a year and to receive them on a return visit.
Excursions with corresponding visits are made to get to know the respective region.
Personal encounters and exchanges are the focus of our efforts. Everyone can take part in the activities and during the visits from our partner communities or host our foreign guests.

We also try to establish, promote and force youth exchanges and contacts among the various associations in the communities. You can see the activities of our association and dates in the menu item "News Blog".

History of the Association

It all started in 2002 with the idea of ​​looking for a European twin town for Güglingen.
This idea quickly gave rise to the need to find committed citizens who put feelers into England and France.
In fact, suitable locations have been found in both countries.
From the small circle of interested citizens, a committee quickly developed with two sub-committees: One for England and one for France.

The founding of the association was preceded by the efforts of the Güglingen entrepreneur, municipal council, deputy mayor and sponsor Herbert Grotz to create an opportunity for young people to meet young people from other European countries. For this purpose Herbert Grotz made a considerable sum available in the form of a foundation, which made the establishment of the association possible in the first place. Both the town administration and the local council fully supported Herbert Grotz's efforts and pushed the project forward.


Finally, on the initiative of our honorary chairwoman Irene Gutbrod, the association "Partner in Europa Güglingen e. V." was founded and in 2007 the town twinning documents were signed with Dorking and the municipal association of Auneau.

Irene Gutbrod
Auneau - 23.06.2007
Untermalung der Feier
Get together in Auneau
In Auneau
Feierlichkeiten zur Vertrags-Unterzeichnung
Freundschaftsbaum von Dorking

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The association finances itself and its activities mostly from membership fees.

Therefore we look forward to every new member.
The membership fee is € 25 per adult per year. Children and young people are generally free of charge.
In the case of schoolchildren, trainees and students who are over 18 years of age, we kindly ask you to provide a proof for the exemption from fees.
A declaration of membership with a SEPA mandate can be found under the following link:


You can download our articles of association as a PDF file under the following link:


1. Chairwoman:        

Beate Eberhardt

2. C

Birgit Schickner

Honorary C

Irene Gutbrod


Regine Maneth


Roland Baumann


Helga Baumann
Nina Baumann
Martin Girntke 

Isabel Kuhnle 

Renate Nowak

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